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Louis Vuitton and Timberland have collaborated to bring a touch of Parisian luxury to the iconic 6-inch boot. This groundbreaking collaboration reflects Pharrell's impact at Louis Vuitton, signaling the beginning of his influence on the brand.

LOUIS VUITTON X TIMBERLAND COLLECTIONThe Louis Vuitton x Timberland 6-Inch boot isn’t merely a fashion statement; it’s a nod to heritage and craftsmanship. Timberland’s durable silhouette, synonymous with outdoor toughness, now boasts Louis Vuitton’s monogram and premium materials. Picture supple leathers paired with rugged nubuck, creating a symphony of textures and colors.

LOUIS VUITTON X TIMBERLAND COLLECTIONSpecific details adorn the boot’s edges, featuring a laser-etched Louis Vuitton logo on the front tongue and the signature monogram subtly on the lateral heel. The excitement extends beyond the boots; the Louis Vuitton x Timberland collection includes co-branded apparel and accessories. Imagine bomber jackets, hoodies, and backpacks infused with LV luxury and Timberland’s outdoor charm.The Louis Vuitton x Timberland collaboration goes beyond a mere partnership, embodying a lifestyle that seamlessly combines the sophistication of Louis Vuitton with the outdoor spirit of Timberland. The promise is an unparalleled fusion of luxury and durability.

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